In a world where 77% of people have a smartphone or tablet, I find myself wondering why any property manager still relies on there snow and ice contractor to turn in paper service logs. You know the coffee-stained excel spreadsheet print out that all too often accompanies a very vague invoice? Here at Goodman Snow Services we embrace technology as a way to better the service we offer to our clients. Over the past three years we have implemented snow management software that at the click of a button provides our customers with a fully transparent look into the services performed on their properties. Whether you manage 1 or 100 properties, we know that our commitment to accurate record-keeping and constant communication will reduce your stress when it comes to managing your properties this winter. Here’s how:

Pre-Season Inspection and Planning
Our software allows our site managers to record and document every square inch of your property. Time-stamped photos are recorded of pre-existing damage and notes are documented regarding property-specific hazards and instructions. All of this information is compiled into a detailed site map and snow response plan, which is available to you, the property manager as well as all crews working on your site through our mobile app.

Real Time Storm Tracking and Documentation
At the click of a button, you can see the status of all snow services across your portfolio of properties. No longer do you have to make multiple phone calls to verify services on your properties. From any internet-capable device you can see what properties are currently being serviced and what properties are already completed. As soon as services are complete, an itemized invoice is created within minutes. No more waiting weeks for your invoices.

Post Storm Documentation
We all know there is a lot of liability when it comes to snow and ice on a commercial property. No matter the level of service, there will always be the chance of a slip and fall claim arising. As your contractor, it is our duty to manage this risk and provide the proper documentation if such a claim arises. With our software we can provide computer-generated reports documenting service times, before and after pictures of completed services as well as site-specific conditions and weather reports to successfully defend any litigation.

The choice is yours! Who do you want on your side this winter? A company who scribbles service times down on a fast food napkin, or a company that goes above and beyond to ensure proper documentation and constant communication? Contact us today to find out more about what Goodman Snow Services can do for you!

Brock Goodman – President
(419) 210 – 4514