Commercial Snow Removal in Worthington, Ohio

Goodman Snow Removal brings our professional snow removal services to the Worthington area!  We are pleased to bring our professional team to service an area so rich in history and filled with hard-working folks that can appreciate a job well done.  Our staff (well, our entire company, as a matter of fact) is local and knows the city well.  We are connected to the people we serve and treat them like family.  The quaint downtown and treelined streets of beautiful Worthington is our own backyard.  We are dedicated to keeping you in business regardless of the weather!

Whether you have an access road, a small parking area, or multiple large parking lots, we have the manpower and expertise to keep your area cleared all winter long!  Our commercial snow clearing services can scale to whatever you have anywhere in the Worthington area.

Goodman Snow Plowing

No Matter Your Size We’re There For You

Our team is prepared for commercial jobs of any size.  From schools and manufacturing facilities to stores and churches, our commercial snow clearing service can scale to your need.  We have the manpower and expertise to keep your area cleared all winter long!  We service the entire Franklin County area.

We keep your commercial property safe by faithfully ensuring snow removal and ice removal on a timely basis all winter long.  You have enough headaches without wondering if someone will get hurt on your property during the winter, and the best thing is, we protect you at a fair price.

What Sets Us Apart?

When many people think about snow removal, they normally think of “a guy with a truck” pushing snow out of the way.  We understand that because we got our start as that “guy with a truck”!  Over the years we gained the experience to realize that there was so much more that went into providing top-notch service to our customers.

Why is Goodman Snow Services different?  We are glad you asked!

We start weeks before the first snow of winter hits the Upper Arlington area by carefully planning how to best protect your property. We work with you to discover your desired level of service, hours of operation, and where potential hazards might hide underneath the snow.  We also plan out where best to pile the snow to avoid hazards from snowmelt and refreeze.  Additionally, we mark your property to let us know where to be extra careful, preventing as much damage as possible during snow removal.

The plan allows us to schedule pre-storm tasks such as pre-treatments to keep ice forming on pavement or to keep snow from sticking. We also stage materials and equipment in prearranged locations so you receive the best service for your money.

During winter events, we use our advanced software systems to work the plan we documented, ensuring we have all the information necessary to thoroughly keep your property safe after winter events.  The software helps us keep you informed of the current status of your property during and after every winter weather storm.

You won’t have to guess when your property will be cleared of snow, and we keep all of the necessary documentation, so you are protected from baseless lawsuits. All our work is automatically stored in our database, keeping you protected long after the storm.

Does all this mean Goodman is right for you?  We think so!  Contact us and request a free quote today!  You can feel free to ask us all the questions you want and we will walk you through our plans and services.  We look forward to receiving your phone call today!

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We are a locally owned and operated snow plowing company providing a complete set of snow and ice removal services around Columbus and across Central Ohio. We help any size commercial, industrial, or municipal property including offices, shopping centers, industrial properties, hospitals and healthcare facilities, retail stores, and municipalities.

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