In typical Ohio fashion it seems as if Winter has ended and Summer began with no real break of Spring. To many this comes as a welcome change to the dreary cold days, but as a snow and ice contractor, we are sad to see our favorite season go. As we reflect on the ups and downs of the past winter, we begin to shift our priorities to preparing for next winter season. As we reach out to prospective new clients, we are not shocked to find that they are not quite as enthusiastic about the return of SNOW in less than 6 months as we are. While we realize that not many enjoy snow and ice quite like us, as a property manager now is your time to reevaluate your snow and ice management plan. With the season fresh in your mind, you can effectively critique your contractors performance. Was their service sub-par? Is there minor changes to be made, or is it time to look for a new contractor all together? If a switch of contractors is needed, it’s never to early to start. By starting the process now, it insures that your new contractor will have ample time to allocate equipment, train crews and secure the needed materials to maintain your property this upcoming winter. As you sit by the pool or work on your golf game, I encourage you to reevaluate your snow and ice management plan and make the necessary changes. After all, SNOW is only 6 months away. -Goodman Snow Services, LLC (419) 210 – 4514