Sidewalk Snow Clearing and Ice Removal

Sidewalks are probably your biggest winter time potential liability on your property. Why do we say that?  You may have hundreds or even thousands of customers and employees on your property every day and sidewalks with ice or compact snow create a huge danger for slip and fall accidents.

Sidewalk Clearing Services

It is our job to make sure people can walk safely without the hazards of snow and ice buildup.  Our dedicated sidewalk crews monitor your sidewalks throughout the storm and continually clear snow and apply ice melting agents in order to keep your walkways, stairs and entrance safe and slip free.

We have the ability to pre-treat your walks.  If you need 24/7 safe walkways, we don’t wait for your sidewalk to become hazardous.  We can treat your sidewalks to ensure they are safe from the moment a storm starts all the way through until the last flake or rain drop falls.

Clean Sidewalks are Not Enough to Prevent Lawsuits

Most business owners don’t realize they need something more than just clear sidewalks.  A person can come, years after a snow storm, and claim they slipped while walking on your property.  The only way to defend yourself is through well documented evidence that your property was safe after EVERY winter event.

Maintaining documentation is part of what we do.  We have advanced software that keeps you updated regarding the status of your property during and after a weather event.  Our software also allows us to keep the documentation you need to defend yourself against any false slip and fall claims someone may try to make against you.

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We are a locally owned and operated snow plowing company providing a complete set of snow and ice removal services across Central Ohio. We help any size commercial, industrial, or municipal property including offices, shopping centers, industrial properties, hospitals and healthcare facilities, retail stores, and municipalities.

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